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Golden week has come.

Taking two days off on May 1st and 2nd, then you can enjoy 9 consecutive days' vacation.

Since it is not easy for fellow Japanese to take any leaves throughout the year (although I do not know why as they are entitled to take leaves at least 14 days a year), GW is one of very few chances for them to spend their time away from their home.

Some may return to their hometown for family reunion and others may go travel to other regions of Japan or countries with their families.

As a result, this volkerwanderung causes overcrowds of public transportation and traffic jams everywhere in Japan.

※Above photo is for illustrate purpose only

Theme parks and shopping centres will also be full of people, long long queue and jostling with one another, which makes them feel unhappy and stressed.

In order to avoid hustle and bustle, I will probably cloister myself at home till GW ends.

Good idea, huh.




リクエストがあったので、歌詞の全文を英訳します。 米津玄師 【Lemon】 夢ならばどれほどよかったでしょう If only this were just a dream 未だにあなたのことを夢に見る Dream about you I still have 忘れた物を取りに帰るように 古びた思い出の埃を払う Brushing off dust of my old memories just l


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