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Onomichi Glocal Labo

Thank you for visiting!  Please take your time looking around.

I am Toby (Tobby, Tobi  or Tobes), the owner of Onomichi Glocal Labo.

Onomichi Glocal Labo, whose main  business are tuition for students and translation service,  was established in July, 2018 as a small start-up company.

I know you are going to ask the following questions, so let me answer first :

"Glocal" is a portmanteau of two different words global and local referring to the interconnection of global and local issues, factors etc.

"Labo" is a short abbreviation for laboratory commonly used only in Japan.

Before starting this business, I had worked in insurance industry for 13 years, both in Tokyo and Singapore.

While I was born and bred in Osaka, Onomichi is now being my second hometown where my parents and most of my relatives reside. 

If you are interested in my business, please just add me in Facebook, thank you!

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