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【和文記事英訳】朱華園休業/Shukaen to close indefinitely





Shukaen, an Onomichi ramen shop of long standing, to close indefinitely due to the owner's health condition. Fans making a long queue.



A 72-year-old popular ramen shop Shukaen, located in Toyohi Motomachi, Onomichi city, Hiroshima, will close its business from 19th owing to the health condition of its owner Mr

Danjo Toshihiro who is 68 years old.


The shop is so famous that it has fans even outside of prefectural borders.

It is yet to be known when the shop will resume its business, and some regular customers who enjoyed the last bowl on 18th wished for its early comeback.


Shukaen was named after the owner's father 朱阿俊(Mr Zhu Ajun).


Mr Zhu had started a food stall in 1947, soon after the end of the war and opened the shop at the present location in 84.

つゆは小魚だしのしょうゆ味で、豚の背脂にチャーシューやメンマ、ネギと具はシンプル。The soup is soy sauce based and its broth is taken from small fishes.

Ingredients are not that many; pork back fat, roasted pork fillet, fermented bamboo shoots and spring onion.


Having gained a good reputation by its tasteful soup broth, Shukaen has become one of the signatures of Onomichi foods.


Mr Danjo, who had succeeded the well-known shop called "Zhu-san" locally, has been under the weather since last summer.


According to him, whether the shop will be reopened or not is solely up to his condition. He added "As much as I feel sorry for the customers, there is no other choice. I wish everyone would understand it."


On 18th at lunch, longtime admirers came to eat at the shop on whose wall a piece of paper was put announcing its cessation from the next day onward.


Mr Katsutoshi Sasaki, a 55-year-old office worker from Happonmatsu, Higashihiroshima City said, "Its fish-based soup broth is terrific. I have come to this place for 30 years, used to be every month for a certain period. I wish they would resume soonest possible."


A 40-year-old male office worker from Fukuyama City, Hiroshima said, "Talking about Onomichi ramen, this is the place. I wish I could have another chance to be here."


The branch in Matsunaga City also setting its last day on 18th, never ended the queue of those who has cherished the taste of the old shop.


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