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  • 執筆者の写真Avalon

Torrential downpours hit Hiroshima


Standing on a hill, our house didn't suffer from any physical damage by the rainfall and flood.

However, water supply has been cut off since yesterday noon and we have no idea when it will be restored.

Crisis is not over as the rainfall is moving towards eastern area of Japan.

Let us pray for Japan.




リクエストがあったので、歌詞の全文を英訳します。 米津玄師 【Lemon】 夢ならばどれほどよかったでしょう If only this were just a dream 未だにあなたのことを夢に見る Dream about you I still have 忘れた物を取りに帰るように 古びた思い出の埃を払う Brushing off dust of my old memories just l


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