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Rabbit Island


Last week, one of my ex-colleagues visited Onomichi from Singapore with his wife and sojourned for 3 days.

During their stay, I brought them to Okunoshima-island, or rabbit island.

It took about 40 minutes from their hotel in central Onomichi to port Tadanoumi by my car via Route 2.

It being Saturday, the car park nearby the jetty was pretty crowded.

Ferry ride was just 15 minutes but the sea was very choppy.

We fed bunnies with cabbage and carrots which were well received by them.

Bunnies are tame and not really afraid of humans but usually don't like to be patted.

We took 4pm ferry back to port Tadanoumi.


Average spending hours in the island could be 1-2 hours unless you want to expedite those abandoned manufacturing facilities of toxic gas.

This island is a must-visit for tourists who stay in Onomichi, especially for kids who love animals.

You may leave any comments if you wanna ask any questions about this island.




リクエストがあったので、歌詞の全文を英訳します。 米津玄師 【Lemon】 夢ならばどれほどよかったでしょう If only this were just a dream 未だにあなたのことを夢に見る Dream about you I still have 忘れた物を取りに帰るように 古びた思い出の埃を払う Brushing off dust of my old memories just l


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