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My dad loves Karaoke.

He has been going to so-called Karaoke bars almost everyday since when he retired as though being there is his daily routine.

I am quite unsure why he loves the place so much, for I don't think he is very good at, although not totally tone-deafness, singing.

Whenever he starts practicing Karaoke at home, my mom and I outrightly go hide into our rooms until he finishes his session.

My parents should have incorporated a sound-proof chamber for my dad when we renovated our house a couple of years ago.

Honestly speaking, I have never been to any Karaoke bars (which is different from ordinary Karaoke place) in my life as I feel awkward to sing in front of a bunch of strangers.

And I haven't been to even an ordinary Karaoke place for years as I was in Singapore till recently.

Not following the trend of J-POP since graduated school, I barely know those names of recent popular musicians or groups in Japan.

Now I feel I am getting old.

And maybe I really am.




リクエストがあったので、歌詞の全文を英訳します。 米津玄師 【Lemon】 夢ならばどれほどよかったでしょう If only this were just a dream 未だにあなたのことを夢に見る Dream about you I still have 忘れた物を取りに帰るように 古びた思い出の埃を払う Brushing off dust of my old memories just l


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